Edibles Online Help

How to Get Your Device into Edibles Online

Before you can access Edibles Online, you first need to sign up for a free account. After you have signed up for an account, go into Edibles on your iPhone or iPod touch and configure your username and password. Once this is done, you can perform a "Sync". This is done from the Edibles Online tab inside of Edibles.

Once you have done a Sync, your device will appear in your home screen in Edibles Online.

How to Edit Your Foods Using Edibles Online

First, make sure you have done a Sync from Edibles to Edibles Online. Once you've done this any of your data that was in Edibles will be available in Edibles Online. You can access your data by finding your device in the Edibles Online home screen. You can then freely add and edit your foods using the Edibles Online web interface.

IMPORTANT: Currently, editing foods that have been previously logged using your food journal is not supported and may cause problems restoring your data. Likewise, you should also not delete any foods that you have logged in your journal previously. If you need to edit or delete a food that you have previously logged in your journal please do it through Edibles itself and not through the web portal.

How to Get Your Foods Back onto Your IPhone or IPod Touch From Edibles Online

Once you've made changes to your foods or your configuration in Edibles Online, in order to get them back onto your device, you must go into Edibles on your device and go to the Edibles Online tab and choose "Sync".

IMPORTANT: This will overwrite any data that you have in Edibles. Also note: If you do a backup from your device to Edibles Online before downloading the food you changed on Edibles Online, you will overwrite your changes. Be careful!

How to Share Your Data with Others

The first thing that you need to do when you want to share your Edibles data with others is to go to the device settings for the device that you want to share from in Edibles Online. Find the "Make Public" Section, and make sure that the checkboxes for whatever you want to share are enabled.

Secondly, from within Edibles, go to the Edibles Online tab and choose any of the "Share" options. From there, you will be prompted whether you want to "E-Mail to a Friend"or "Backup Only" if you choose the "E-Mail to a Friend" option, after Edibles uploads whatever you are choosing to share, it will automatically open the e-mail program on the device and allow you to e-mail a URL to your data to the person that you are intending to share it with.

You can use this capability to share your journal, your food list, or your weight Journal with anyone you want. They can even choose to load your data into their copy of Edibles.

How to Share Your Diet Settings with Others

To share your diet settings with someone else, for example if you and your wife are both doing the same diet plan, simply do a "Sync" and choose to "E-Mail to a Friend". Then the user can click the URL in their e-mail on their iPhone or iPod touch, and it will transfer all your settings and your food journal and your food list to them.

IMPORTANT: Doing this will erase all current Edibles data on the user's device.